Connecting Rentals Worldwide

Well my friends I'm just getting started as a new Blogger.  I've been told time and time again that in order for our company (Connecting Rentals Worldwide) to make a dent in the ever competitive industry of vacation rentals, I needed to Blog.  So here it goes. Feel free to help me along my journey with constructive tips. Lord knows I'll need it.😎

Dave (my business partner & IT man) and myself (newfound Blogger and marketing gal) started this company almost 5 years ago. We are both Professional Vacation Rental Agents. Between the two of us we've had over 35 yrs in the vacation rental industry, hands on...and I mean hands on. From managing private vacation properties, to booking reservations, to housekeeping and everything before, after and in between. The advertising part of the business is what encouraged us to start this company.  Tired of the ever changing rates, rules & ridiculousness of our larger competitors, we decided to create a site that was affordable, user friendly (for both owner & guests) while still leaving the owner in charge on how they want to rent THEIR property!

I will be Blogging about everything and anything I can think of that pertains to Vacations and Vacation Rentals. I will post properties that have listed on our site (Thank you). I will occasionally add things about Dave and myself.  Just to let you all know we are real people 😉

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