March 5, 2015

The 3 Best Alternatives to HomeAway and VRBO

Ingrid Genest is a travel blogger specializing in alternative lodging trends, marketing, and advertising including Vacation Rentals, Inns, B & B's, private rooms, and sublets.

As the HomeAway network of vacation rental websites continues to grow, including flagship sites VRBO and, so does the number of vacation rental advertisers questioning value.

High annual listing fees, the push toward a "one-size-fits-all" booking / quotable rates model (think hotel), and expensive pay-for-positioning packages that do not convert to increased inquiries and bookings are just a few of the problems leaving vacation rental owners and property managers scratching their heads for viable alternatives:

Connecting Rentals Worldwide
90 day free trial:

While relatively new to the online vacation rental marketplace, the company is no stranger to the vacation rental industry, and promises to deliver big. Formed by members of Connecting Rentals, Inc., a leading vacation rental agency in Bethel, Maine since 1991, Connecting Rentals Worldwide was developed by expert programmers in conjunction with rental professionals to deliver a secure, affordable, user friendly, full-featured listing alternative.

Connecting Rentals Worldwide welcomes Owners to try the site free with their industry leading 90 day free trial. No credit card is required for registration.

Flipkey / TripAdvisor
60 day free trial:

FlipKey is the exclusive provider of vacation rentals on TripAdvisor - the largest travel community in the world with more than 35 million unique monthly visitors. With TripAdvisor's multiple lodging types, you can attract travelers who may have never considered a vacation rental.

Guest reviews give travelers more comfort in booking, which leads to better inquiries, higher booking rates, and more guests. FlipKey enables you to easily collect and manage guest reviews. These reviews can be seamlessly integrated onto your own website through a variety of tools.

FlipKey provides verification services for both professional property managers and individual homeowners. This verification process gives travelers more confidence when booking a property.

Vacation Home Rentals
30 day free trial:

Tired of listing on sites next to 100,000 other properties? Join the club. They may have bigger marketing budgets, but what does it matter if nobody can find you? gets the most visitors per listing in the industry

Vacation Home Rentals is an established and respected company - advertising more than 10,000 properties in more than 100 countries around the world. They have five years of successful marketing and are growing at one of the fastest rates in the industry.