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The 3 Best Alternatives to HomeAway and VRBO

Ingrid Genest is a travel blogger specializing in alternative lodging trends, marketing, and advertising including Vacation Rentals, Inns, B & B's, private rooms, and sublets.

The recent acquisition of HomeAway by OTA Expedia, which also includes flagship listing site VRBO, brings with it a number of controversial changes that have vacation rental advertisers and renters seriously questioning value.

With listing sites acting as pseudo-agents in a market that doesn't really fit an OTA model, overhead costs have risen considerably causing advertising and booking costs to skyrocket. People are now actively seeking alternatives, and companies are starting to step up to the plate:

Connecting Rentals Worldwide /
List Your Property:

Formed by members of Connecting Rentals of Bethel, the leading vacation rental agency in Bethel, Maine since 1994, Connecting Rentals Worldwide bring…

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