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Seasonal Rentals

Lets talk about how the Seasonal Rental generally works, (keep in mind rules, laws, pricing may differ state to state or country to country).
A seasonal renter has the property from Nov-April.  They either pay for the five months prior to occupancy or monthly (majority pays in full prior). Utilities are the responsibility of the tenant, some owners will incorporate into the rental rate, capping heating/gas etc.  for obvious reasons.
Many Seasonal owners will allow extra months on either end (Sept/Oct or May/June) at discounted rates (these are usually the months where the property does not rent well in general. Properties located in your cold weather regions may offer greatly reduced rates for the winter season as they prefer not to close it up for the winter. Same goes for your warm weather regions only reversed. 
Whether you prefer snowcapped mountains, captivating canyons or ocean waves caressing the warm sand, A seasonal rental is becoming more popular for those who want to have …

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