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Autumn Vacation Time

Autumn, Fall is upon us. My favorite time of the year. Crisp mornings where you can see your breath. Sunrise fog rising into the air and softly disappearing into the sky exposing the red, orange, yellow colors of the season.  Farm stands offering their final crops of pumpkins, squash and fancy decorative gourds for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. Apple orchards waiting to drop their fresh Macs, Golden Delicious & Honey Crisps into your basket. Nothing better than picking a fresh apple, shining it up and taking that first sweet bite...need I say more?

Hiking new trails & golfing is great this time of year with many courses offering discounted rates! Listen to the ruffling sounds of leaves as you take a walk through the park or a woodland path.

Lets not forget the Fairs....the smells of vendors offering their freshly cut French fries, soft and delicious dough-boys, candy apples, fresh chowders and so much more. The sounds of children's excitement while on their favorite rid…

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