How To Furnish A Vacation Rental

Why Furnishing Is So Critical
When Guests of your vacation rental book a reservation, often times they are focusing not only on price or location, but on photos of that property that they find somewhere within your listing. Because certain types of potential renters seek out an overall atmosphere that they are looking for (i.e. Mountain, Contemporary, Modern, Historic, Etc..), furnishings can be a make-or-break between whether they choose to rent your property, or go with another rental in the same price range that they perceive to be "better" because the Owner of that vacation home has created a unique atmosphere. So how can you ensure that your rental won't go overlooked in the growing vacation rental industry?

Consistency is the Key
When it comes down to it, most renters want a comfortable yet memorable vacation experience. You don't have to go all out and purchase top-of-the line furnishings to meet their wants or expectations. In fact, it is a good idea to purchase the least expensive furnishings that you can find that are tasteful and that complement your home's attributes. Try to be as consistent as possible when creating your vacation rental's atmosphere or overall feel. For example, if you own a log-cabin style mountain home, it would be in your best interests to stay consistent with the location and exterior attributes and furnish the interior with log beds, quilts, and woodsy colors to create a rustic atmosphere. Nowadays, you can find tasteful furnishings at most department stores or even second hand stores that are inexpensive but add greatly to your vacation rental's overall atmosphere.

If you are marketing your vacation rental as a luxury rental, however, you may need to go out and spend the extra cash up front to solidify your rental success and encourage repeat visits, referrals, and positive word of mouth. If you plan on charging rental rates that are on the high end of the rental spectrum, your Guests will most certainly expect the best. It's a good idea to go for high thread count linens, high end appliances, and the latest and greatest electronics and entertainment options.

Make it Comfortable And Remember The Kids
It is highly recommended that you sleep one night on every bed in your property. It may sound like a bit much, but as a rule of thumb if the beds in your vacation rental aren't comfortable enough for you to sleep on, they are most likely not acceptable for your Guests. Discomfort is most certainly not the way to encourage repeat visits!

It is also highly recommended that you create a kid-friendly environment. Remember that the majority of your rentals will be families, and it is likely that the family that is renting your home, or their Guests, will have a child or children. Try to steer clear of glass coffee and end tables with sharp corners and breakable decorative furnishings within a child's reach.

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