Vacation Rental Agencies: The Benefits

The Many Benefits
Working with an established Rental Agency offers great benefits for both Owners and Guests of vacation rentals. Owners can take advantage of professionally managed services such as rental marketing, advertising, inquiry reception, and reservation booking that allow for greater probability of producing year-round rental income. Guests will find it easier to locate and book reservations by working with vacation rental specialists who are knowledgable about the area and focused on customer service. There will be greater consistency for both Owners and Guests when it comes to housekeeping & maintenance, and both parties can be reassured of a comfortable check-in / check-out process with Rental Agents available locally. Professionally managed rentals also offer the peace of mind of 24/7 on call service should any issues arise.

Owners, Consider This
Connecting Rentals has represented a great number of Owners who have gone the route of renting on their own. This is not a bad option - advertise your property on a vacation rental listing site, get a lock box with a key, and have someone in the area that can perform maintenance and clean. Easy enough, right? Maybe as an Owner everything is working relatively well, but ask yourself this: Is there a chance that I may have missed opportunities by not getting back to people fast enough? Have people been turned off because I seemed uneasy or un-knowledgeable about the reservation process? How many people are there out there that I am missing out on that have had bad experiences with someone else's RBO (Rental By Owner), and now choose to work exclusively with professionally managed rentals to avoid inconsistencies. Remember, if you are serious about maximizing your rental potential, it is always in Owners best interests to work together with an Agency. It is not to say that you cannot book reservations on your own as long as you keep your rental manager informed, but why close yourself off to such a large segment of the market?

Guests, Consider This
Perhaps you may feel that by working directly with an Owner renting on their own you may be able to save a few dollars. However, that is in most cases more a perception than a reality. Generally speaking, rentals offered by a Rental Agency may even cost less than an RBO. A good Agency can offer property Owners a higher volume of rentals which helps to offset any management fees and allows the Agency to price competitively. So not only do you get a fair price, but you also get valuable professional rental services including easier reservation booking and confirmation, consistent check-in and check-out procedures, and someone local on call during your stay in case of a lockout or emergency. You also have the added reassurance that an established business is handling collection & disbursement of securities and rent.

Whether you are a property Owner, Guest, Or Tenant, there are numerous reasons of why it makes sense to work together with a Rental Agency to assure a successful rental. Connecting Rentals encourages Owners and Guests to visit the Bethel Agency website at to learn more about your rental possibilities in Bethel Maine and the surrounding Sunday River area.

Ingrid Genest is a travel blogger specializing in alternative lodging trends, marketing, and advertising including Vacation Rentals, Inns, B & B's, private rooms, and sublets.

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