Are Your Making Your Rental Property Stand out?

The global holiday rentals industry is growing annually with more and more guests now choosing individual homes over a hotel to suit their individual requirements. Whether you are new to renting or a long-term manager, it is always important to continually ask yourself what are you doing to get ahead of your competition and receiving a slice of that pie.

Damian Sheridan of provides rental home owners and property managers a few ways to stay ahead of the field.

Your Listings on Booking Portals

How will your property stand out from the many others in your area? You realistically have around 2 seconds to impress your prospective guest - it’s all about making sure you get that initial click through to your listing. Think about the lead image thumbnail, title, then description. Images tell a thousand stories and with vacation rentals you can’t underestimate their importance. Don’t think that your fancy I-phone images will suffice – get professional photos done. When expanded on a computer screen they can appear pixelated and fuzzy. It’s well worth the investment. Your lead image should ideally be your stand-out feature, however if, for example, all of your neighbours are parading their pool, try a nice shot of a sun terrace or balcony view. Furthermore consider carefully your property title and description. Which of the following property titles would be more grabbing - “Apartment to rent in Barcelona” or “Spacious 2 Bedroom Beach Apartment, Free Wi-Fi & Welcome Pack”?

When adding your complete and detailed property description put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Try to walk them around your home. Think comfort, think relaxation and think convenience. You have to be passionate about the place. What extras do you provide? What’s within walking distance? Have you included as many great photos as possible? Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes? Is your unique selling point clear?

Your Unique Selling Point

What is the unique selling point of your rental home for your guests? Your wonderful pool? The stunning view? A quirky theme? You have to know what will set your place apart from your local competition. One of our clients in Ireland offers free payment of a motorway toll upon checking in - a great idea! Check out your competitors and see if any of them are offering things like Wi-Fi internet, satellite TV or welcome packs. You could even consider accepting pets. Anything that will differentiate your rental property is imperative to know.

Your Own Website

Do you have your own website? If not, get one! It’s your shop window. Guests will now often expect to see one and a few days hard work will save you considerable time in the long run when answering the same standard questions again and again. Your rental home website is a great place to add property images, videos, guest reviews, your bio or other information. If that’s not enough persuasion, you can even make money off the back of your guests’ travel plans by joining affiliate linking programmes and placing banners on your site.

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